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Modest Midget

Music Maker (The Netherlands) - 4 stars

Modest Midget

The Great Prophecy of a Small Man


Modest Midget’s music is often classified as progressive rock, a fact of which I find little traces on The Great Prophecy of a Small Man. Some tracks may hold some prog rock elements, but they are not surpassed by the Poppy Beatle-esque influences or the Jazzy licks which are just as often found on this album.

It is a fact however that this album is full of great rock songs with Poppy melodies en well conceived arrangements. In any case Modest Midget refuses to let itself be placed in any particular hook. That’s where their strength is, but the weakness too: I miss some unity. Among the tracks, but also within the songs themselves. A number like Troubles in Heaven goes within three minutes through about four styles; quite an achievement in itself, but it doesn’t realy work.

The mix of genres might be explained by the multi-cultural background of the Israeli – Argentinean Lonny Ziblat, the driving force behind Modest Midget. Ziblat takes on the vocals, (Bass) guitars, keyboards and percussion on this album and has also produced, mixed and mastered it. Beyond that there is no doubt that we are dealing here with a great talent. A talent that could be cultivated however in order to be able to talk of a masterpiece.

Stefan Sjoerd

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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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