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Modest Midget

Gustavo Bolasini - El Retorno del Gigante (Return of the Giant), Argentina 2009

“The Great Prophecy of a Small Man”

Modest Midget

Multi-Polar Music – 2010

After the excellent debut EP of the progressive band “Modest Midget” entitled “Partial Exposure”, we were anxiously waiting for the full album.

The moment finally arrived as in 2010 of “The Great Prophecy of a Small Man” was released; a fantastic result. How could it had been any different?

After a short intro; “Follow The Noise”, a smash opening with “Contemporary Ache”, holding somewhat Crimsonian sounds aswell as fugue parts “alla Gentle Giant” along a beautiful “Beatle” melody that weaves the theme much like another up-beat track; “Here I Go”, a song full of great guitar solo’s.

The charming track “Troubles in Heaven” with its catchy and addictive melody (see our review on “Partial Exposure”), “Coffee From Yesterday”, a dynamic and powerfull piece; “Back From My Trip”, having elaborated instrumental parts and rhythm changes; “Home Seek”, a delicate and climatic ballad, somewhat similar to the more acoustic sounds of Porcupine Tree, comparable with the gorgeous song “Baby” with the very subtle and attractive wind and string parts.

The production moves on to “Jorge Knows How Difficult a Musician´s Life Can be, but then again, Who Doesn´t?”, a cuasi progressive ‘chacarera’ (an Argentinean folk style), yet another quality peak on the cd, with high complexity, rhythmic changes, sophisticated orchestral arrangements and an impressively rich sounding performance.

“Buy Me!” is the simplest and shortest theme on the cd, perhaps a potential single.

“Evolution”, another gem on this record, an original mix of jewish music and great melodical lines “alla Genesis” with Tony Banks.

The album closes with two new pieces. The climatic “I Came, I Saw, I Left” with a great sounding guitar, resembling Hackett on “Twice Around the Sun”, and the closing theme “The Last Straw”, another beautifully melancholic “beatle” ballad with fabulous vocal arrangements.

Modest Midget are; its Alma Mater, Lionel Ziblat on guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion, arrangements and composition; along with: Emiel de Jong on winds; Bas Wiegers on violín & vocals; Vera Van Der Bie on strings; Ilse Eijsink on clarinets and Oene Van Geel on viola, aswell as other guest musicians.

The cover is decorated with an adequate “naif” piece of art-work, a painting by Josefien Stoppelenburg entitled “The Sorcerer”. Also included are all the song lyrics and assorted information.

An absolutely fresh album, unforgettable right after first hearing, full of good taste, sophistication and great compositions, a synthesis of complexity with simplicity that makes us wish for more music by Modest Midget.

Highly recommended!

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Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy of a Small Man

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