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Modest Midget

Crysis - reviews

"Crysis is something of a breath of fresh air as it is not that often when one comes up against something that is both original and goes against the current musical climate. I can say from experience that it does take a while for the album to make sense..."

Mark Hughes, DPRP. 2014.

"Man have I fallen hard for [them] – so much so that we feel compelled to do whatever we can to help promote [them] and [...] their new album - Crysis".

Jeff Stevens, Prog Metal Zone. WORLD 2014.

"Modest Midget are a class act, they turn crisis into fortune and all because they took a chance on being absolutely true. An album in which if it doesn’t make you smile, then surely you are far too gone for redemption!"

Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10. UK 2014.

"It is musicians like Lonny Ziblat who convince me that I am still doing the right thing writing about music... I happily give Crysis the maximum rating".

Pascal Thiel, Disagreement. WORLD 2014.

"Buy Modest Midget's latest album. It is the rare "Crysis" you too will enjoy repeating time and again in the weeks and months that lie ahead".

Mark Stephens, Prog Positivity. USA 2014.

"Lonny certainly has the means and the skill to write pieces over the top, to stand out and leave everyone stunned".

Jessica Attene. Arlequins. Italy 2014.

"There are so many great moments on this disc and so much more the reason to recommend it. If you’ve never listened to Modest Midget I urge you to check’em out. Recommended.

Jerry Lucky. Jerry Lucky. WORLD 2014.

"This is a great album of adventurous progressive pop music. ...I look forward to hearing more from this band in the hopefully not too distant future."

Roger Trenwith, The Progressive Aspcet. UK 2014.

This is a great disc and well worth having. I recommend it highly to any fans of adventurous (but fun) modern progressive rock.

Gary Hill, Music Street Journal. USA 2014.

"A visionary album, but not too much, sometimes I got the impression that Lonny used the breaks on his imagination a bit tightly, however, a great job has been done on it, and you can definitely feel it. The overall result is very pleasant and the album allows a very smooth listen".

Giancarlo Bolther, Rock Impressions. ITALY 2014.

"All taken,Crysis is a mighty impressive second outing for Modest Midget".

Peter Thelen, Exposé. USA 2014.

"'Crysis' lets us know that mul instrumentalists can actually make music that is much more than just a technical demonstration..."

Ulf Backstrom, Merlin Prog. Norway 2014.

"'Crysis' has become again an impressive statement which can give many fans demanding music somewhat due to its freshness and versatility".

Klaus Reckert, Gaesteliste. Germany 2014.

"Modest Midget aren't modest, they're ebullient, and neither are they midgets, for this album is at times huge".

Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility. UK 2014.

"[...] I walked away from this album feeling very satisfied. Full of great instrumental performances and demonstrative of the level of vision and creativity possessed by composer Lonny Ziblat, Crysis comes recommended."

Andy Lefton, Scene Point Blank. USA 2014.

"Sorpresivo, distinto, despierta curiosidad y ganas de verle en directo. Una propuesta alternativa. Han cumplido su objetivo de salirse de lo convencional y no casarse con ningún estilo, sin llegar a rallarse o rallar al personal en demasía.Amigos de la aventura musical y cansados de los estándares, este es vuestro disco".

Chema Pérez, Solo Rock. SPAIN 2014.

"The original pieces are each a universe on their own and they take the listener through an exhibition of sound-paintings in which you keep discovering something new every time".

Dorin Mandelbaum. Metal Temple. 2014.

"Crysis is a fine album"!

Freek Wolff, IO Pages. 2014.

"Lonny's second album with Modest Midget is yet another example that music has no frontiers".

Lucas Biela, Prog-Spheres. 2014.

"Awesome album, the Prog fans would love it, and the rock fans would too".

Dorin Mandelbaum. Metal Temple. 2014.

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