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Modest Midget

About the band

Photo by Thomas Heere © 2012

"...the missing link between The Beatles and Frank Zappa!". Arno Hagemans, Ongekend Talent. HOLLAND 2008

"...this is undoubtebly the start of a successful carreer for Modest Midget. Modesty is not in place here. With such a product this band can proudly hop in the touring world". Frans Steensma, Oor Magazine. HOLLAND 2010

Imagine a chef that is audaciously looking to create a salad mixing tomatoes, pickles, milk chocolate, fried chicken, hummus, honey and ketchup. Imagine he actually manages to make it, and it actually works!The idea behind Modest Midget is to create well crafted music, authentic and sincere, the biggest difference with other great Classic Rock & Progressive Rock artists being that these guys refuse refuse to make it sound pretentious.

Lonny grew up hearing Classical music as well as Dixieland, North American Cool / BeBop, Latin Jazz, Argentinean, Brazilian & Andinean folklore, West European, East European and Middle-Eastern music, learning to appreciate the warmth and intensity of Muddy Waters besides the craft of Ravel. He played guitar in different formations and productions and has eventually completed a Master in Classical composition in The Netherlands, alongside having studied Jazz guitar and Orchestral conducting.

After years of focusing on composing and arranging music for different instances he started recording an album that ended up combining all these roots under one wing, an album that ended up being the hatching egg for Modest Midget. The Great Prophecy of a Small Man was warmly received by music critics worldwide, particularly within the Progressive and Art Rock circles. Delicious Agony, Prog Positivity, Prog Awards declared it to be one of the Top 10 albums of 2010. Many others described it as possibly the best debut of the year.

His main partner during the production of this album was Emiel de Jong, who played most of the woodwind parts and sang along on Troubles in Heaven. The first recording session took place in 2006. The Last Straw, the first recorded track ended up as the closing tune on the album. In 2008 a very short round of try-out concerts took place, where they were joined by Artis Orubs on drums and Tristan Hupe on keyboards. The group did not seem to mash well and Lonny concluded that touring was not going to happen.

The album was completed in 2009. As bass player Richard Zoer (Kayak, Andre Hazes) joined the group the band took a first acquaintance tour around The Netherlands,concluding it with a CD presentation on May 9th, 2010. A tour around the Baltic States then followed (home base of drummer Artis Orubs), after which challenges in the personal lives of the guys forced the group to take a break. During this time Lonny completed Songs From The Drawer - which was published in 2011.

January 2012 brought two new guests into the group. Bass player Maarten Bakker and drummer Willem Smid. After a short and intense rehearsal period the group went on another national tour, during which several new pieces were performed. The new song Birth and a quirky arrangement of Orbison's Pretty Woman were regularly performed as they were well received by the audiences. Gone Is was written specifically for a small recording session planned in June, along with a first draft of what was to become Flight of The Cockroach.

After 4,5 years of hard work Hupe decided to part ways with the band and the remaining guys completed the backing tracks for what was to become Crysis. Lonny took two months to finish writing, composing and pre-producing the new album. The "hard-core" recording sessions commenced in December 2012 (right about around the time that the world was supposed to end). Two intensive days of recording allowed completing the backing tracks for nearly the complete album, but for two tracks that were recorded in a later session in February.

The album was mastered in the very crafted hands of Darius van Helfteren and the art work was made by a promising young artist by the name of Netaly Reshef. It also counts with the support of an arsenal of phenomenal musicians and other professionals.

These days Bakker is working on a new solo project and Lonny is composing music for films, as well as for two new albums: A second solo album and an album focusing on instrumental music, orchestral and cinematic oriented compositions. 

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